Welcome To AV Judgment Recovery


~~AV Judgment Recovery is dedicated to the enforcement of civil judgments. We purchase your judgment in its entirety. We cover all the costs and expenses incurred in locating the judgment debtor and enforcing the judgment. We make our money only from the judgment debtor, at no up front cost to you.

AV Judgment Recovery only enforces post judgment actions, we are not a collection agency that handles prejudgment claims. That leaves us a lot more room to use our imagination in enforcing the judgment. We do a lot more than just mail letters and make obscene phone calls. We will conduct surveillance, find out where the judgment debtor works, banks, and hides his assets. Once we find said assets and employment, we will move to levy on the assets, seize his bank account, and garnish his wages. Quite often we will do that before he or she even knows we are in the area.

Once we take assignment of the judgment we take over completely. You are not involved until time to cash your check. We handle all court appearances, interaction with the Sheriff for Levy actions, interaction with any lawyers that may become involved, examine the debtor and levy on his assets. You as the original judgment creditor, can sit back with the assurance that we are doing all that can be done.

There are no upfront costs to you the judgment creditor. We handle all expenses involved in enforcing the judgment and any that we may incur we will automatically add to the judgment or petition the court to include them. Upon either partial or total satisfaction of the judgment you should receive the funds that are due you within 30 days.

AV Judgment Recovery has been in business since October 2003. We are members in good standing of the California Association of Judgment Professionals and have been since 2006. As such we are held to the highest standard of ethics and professionalism. Our success rate is currently running 90% of the cases that we take, and as such we are very selective in the cases that we take.

In short, we will enforce the judgment that was legally and rightfully awarded to you by the courts! We neither charge an application fee nor require you to cover any expenses. We purchase the judgment from you for a percentage of the award amount. We bear all expenses and legal costs incurred in the enforcement process. We are currently purchasing judgments awarded in all counties of California