About Us


~~AV Judgment Recovery was founded in October, 2003 in Lancaster, California and has been successfully enforcing judgments such as yours since then. We started this business during the recession in 2002-2003. Since we had been enforcing our own bad check judgments prior to that time, it was simply an easy transition from that business to AV Judgment Recovery 

We are and have been a proud member of the California Association of Judgment Professionals since 2006 which requires us to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.  

Once the judgment is screened and we take assignment of it our success rate is close to 80% of collections in full. There is no cost to you up front, we pay all costs in advance and pass on any more to the Judgment Debtor through court filings adding them to the Judgment. 

We will, using our state of the art databases find the Judgment Debtor's assets, and find where they work and bank.  If they are married we can find where the spouse works.  Once we have that information we then move to seize the assets and garnish any wages if they are available to do so.  Most of the time we can do this before they know we are working on the judgment.